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About us

Sustainable Solutions: We use raw, ethically sourced natural cotton bags, ensuring cleaner working conditions & fairness to all, right throughout the supply chain. We print directly onto the fibres with water-based inks, there are no solvents, plastics or transfers used. We specialise in full colour printing on low order numbers, at low prices, printing only what is required, when needed. Ensuring ZERO waste, while eliminating costly dead inventory.  

Team: We're a family run print shop, a husband and wife team, we have 3 daughters, one of which has an extremely rare genetic condition (MPPH), she requires constant round the clock care & management. After a difficult period, EnviroMerch was set up out of genuine necessity, in 2020. Enabling us to flexibly work & carry out our care roles. 

Experience: We have over 25 years' experience in the print industry. Previously working for various company's in an industrial setting, producing work for blue chip customers from the UK & worldwide. Since then, spending 12 years in the personalised apparel sector, gaining a wealth of customer service experience.  


Thank you for your time, Justin & Kelly.   

The Fresh Prints of Aberdare
Office 4, 1st Floor, Corporation Building, Depot Road,
Aberdare, RCT, CF44 8DL. 
United Kingdom.